Kvar Energy Saving Devices

Basic Instructions for Kvar Units

Residential Kvar Controller Instructions

You should always consult a Licensed Electrician before working on any electric.

**The Information below is for informational purposes only, in no way is this meant to be construde as instructional procedures to installing Kvar Energy Controllers, or performing work in an Electrical Panel.

(1) First locate your power source and MAIN BREAKER, then and most Important when working on electric. TURN OFF THE POWER! Turn Off All Breakers.

(2) CARFULLY!! Remove the panel cover, Now Double check with an Electrical Meter to insure the electricity is OFF. I know this sounds redundant. More people die from working on electrical wiring thinking it's off, and not taking the time to make sure it is OFF.

(3) After you have checked and are sure the power is off, you can now start the procedure of installing your Kvar Energy Saving Device.

(4) The Kvar Energy Controller needs to be installed within 12in or 1 foot from the panel. You will need to mount the Kvar Unit either at the top or the bottom of the panel. The picture to the left shows a typical electric panel with the service wires entering the top of the panel. In this case you would mount the Kvar Controller even with the top of the panel. (As shown in the illustration on the right)

(5)**Note the Kvar Unit is attached to a two pole 20amp Breaker located at the top of the panel, immediatly below the Main Breaker this is Very Important to insure the Kvar Unit works Properly and Efficiently.

(6) Your panel most likely already has a breaker located in this spot. You will need to relocate the breaker lower to make room for the Kvar Energy Device. It does not matter which side as long as it is located directly below the Main Breaker.

(7) Once you have located the position for your new Kvar Energy Saving Device it is now time to mount the unit. For concrete applications use a concrete screw such as (Tapcons). For drywall or plaster walls use 3/16 Toggle Bolts or (ZIPITS). These will hold much better than screws and plastic anchors.
Because the Kvar Controller vibrates it is necessary to install these units properly to insure the saftey of your Panel as well as your Kvar Energy Unit.

(8) It is now time to wire your New Kvar Controller into the panel. On the sides of the Panel you will find knock-outs or concentric cuts in the metal. Simply use a screw driver and lineman pliers to open the knock-out, being carful to only open to the 1/2" size. If you make a mistake you can buy reducing washers at your local electrical supply or home improvement store.

(9) Run the wires through and attach the flexable non-metalic conduit (shipped with your unit) to the 90 degree fitting on the unit(supplied). Attach the other 90 degree connector to flex and secure to panel with lock-nut, on the inside of panel.

(10) Now you are ready to wire your Kvar Energy Controller. Attach green wire first to ground bar as in fig. above. Then attach red wires to a 2pole 0r 220v breaker located at the top of the panel.

(11) Install the panel cover back to insure SAFTY, TURN ON MAIN BREAKER. Now turn the breaker on to the Kvar Energy Saver, orange light should come on. Turn all the breakers on. You are now finished.


Kvar Energy Device Installation

Typical Electric Panel

Kvar Energy Controller Mounting Kvar Energy Controller Installation Diagram


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