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Power factor correction is essential in large industrial and commercial business to avoid higher cost in electrical usage, this also applies to residential applications although, residential homes are not penalized for a low power factor.

By increasing the power factor or percentage at which electricity is being efficiently used, we can lower the amount of resistance on the wires that a load is being drawn. Therefore lowering the amperage and the watts which results in lower power usage, thus lowering electrical consumption.

This applies to either industrial, commercial or residential, although the final reduction in energy will vary depending on induction loads the final outcome is a savings on electricity in all applications. If we did not have power factor correction devices the utilities companies would need to build more power plants, and you know if they had to build more plants they would need more money and so on ect... Kvar Power Factor Optimizer 1200 and a Kvar Power Factor Optimizer 1400

The utilities companies have been using this technology for as long as they have been building power plants. They need to keep as close to (1.0) perfect power factor as possible to supply the electricity to homes and businesses efficiently and keep their cost at a minimum.

At Kvar they have designed and tested Power Factor Units to supply the average capacity to achieve maximum Power Factor Optimization for standard applications, these units are surface mounted and are very easy to install see single phase units.

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